243 Paylines Microgaming Slots


These are very popular online slots powered by Microgaming software and offering 243 ways for players in which they can win. CasinoSites365 offers the best slot casinos here. Learn more about the games from the article below.

Bust the Bank

Bust the BankBust the Bank is a Microgaming powered online casino that has a creative look to it. One of the things you will be glad to learn about this game is that it runs smoothly and without errors since it is run on such dependable software. It has a very clean design to it and graphics that help to make it very exciting. The cartoon styled colors the game has are also great.

The Bust the Bank slots game has a great look to it and you will like how the reels are bordered by what looks to be a safe. The reels have symbols that stick with the theme and they include an armored truck, the police, the robbers, a bulldog, the bank, and more. The colors of the symbols make the game look a lot like a vibrant cartoon.

The game has a many features and one of them is the safe bonus feature which allows you to get as many as 6 prizes on one spin. You can also enjoy free spins when you get at least three of the scatter bomb symbols. When you see the piggy bank on the reels you will click on the pig for a prize.

Bust the Bank is one of those fun slots games that offer you a unique gaming experience and a lot of fun. While you are taking in all the great graphics you will also be able to enjoy the many chances to win extras along the way.


Microgaming offers players the chance to play the Playboy slot machine which is entertaining and unique. Along with having a design that will keep you interested, it also features those other elements many players seek when they are looking for the right game to spend their time on. It also performs well so each spin will be a good experience leaving you looking forward to the next.

This game is themed around the Playboy brand and it has a look to it which is impressive and makes it stand out from the other games. When you play it, you will see such symbols on the reels as a bunny on a motorcycle, a bunny with a male model, a sports car, Playboy bunnies, the Playboy logo, high ranking card symbols, and more. One of the things that makes this game unique is it offers 243 ways to win. The game can be played for .01 to .10 per line and the maximum win is worth 1,215,000 coins.

Along with a great design this game also has plenty of special features you can enjoy. One of the symbols you want to watch for is the Playboy logo since it is the wild symbol. The Playboy magazine is the scatter and there are also a few bonuses that you can enjoy as well which also offers a lot of fun and more chances to win.

The Playboy slots game offers you the chance to enjoy a lot of different features and opportunities. If you were hoping to find a game with a lot of different elements, this one is a great place to start and one that is very interesting.

Reel Gems

Reel Gems is a great online slots game that is powered by Microgaming and offers you 243 ways to win. One of the things that you will appreciate right away about this online slots game is the design it offers. The whole look of this game makes it a fun choice for you to spend your time on. The bright colored symbols give it a great look and the high quality of the game makes it a pleasure to spend time on. The fact that this game offers you 243 ways to win means each spin brings great possibilities your way.

The design of this online slots game makes it a good game for both new and experienced players. The simple design it has makes it user friendly enough for those new to online gaming, but everything else it offers makes it exciting enough for the more experienced players. This game can be played for as little as .25 per spin to as much as 125 per spin. The max jackpot you can win on this game is good for a win of 40000 coins.

When you play Reel Gems you will also be glad to know that it offers great special features which brig not only more fun to the game, but also a lot more chances for you to win. The special features include wilds, scatters, multipliers, and free spins.

When you play Reel Gems you will find it to be an entertaining game that is easy for you to fit in your budget and that gives you a lot of chances to see more wins. Each time you log in and play the game you will be glad you did.

The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises is an exciting online slots game that has all the features players like to see when looking for a good game to play. This game is based off the Batman movie of the same name and it is a definite must play for fans of the movie. However, it is a great game for anyone due to all the features and benefits it has in store for players to enjoy. This is a new game put out by Microgaming and it is a must play for any slots fan.

This slots game definitely has an appearance that will capture your full attention right away. It definitely has a dark look to it and on the reels you will see Batman, Selina, Bane, Commissioner Gordon, and Others. You will also see such symbols as high ranking card symbols. Each symbol has been designed in a manner which goes with the theme of the game. The game can be played for .01 to .05 per line, up to 5 coins per line and the max jackpot is good for 1,780,000 coins.

This game has two random features. The first one is triggered on a losing spin and it causes Batman and Bane will fight. As each one of them lands a hit on the other you will see the free spins increase some of the hits will also increase the amount of the multiplier. The next random feature will re-arrange the symbols to offer you the best possible winning combination and Microgaming calls this feature, Symbol Scramble. The Dark Night is the wild symbol in this game.

This is a fantastic online slots game that has all the features you could ask for. From the moment you log on to play this slots game you will have a great time.

Thunderstruck II

Thunderstruck IIThunderstruck II is a very popular online slots game that is run on reliable Microgaming software. You will know that this game is one of the more entertaining games for you to play the minute you see it come up on your screen. This slots game is loaded full of fabulous graphics, exciting animations, and fantastic special features. This game is a 5 reel video slots game that offers players 243 ways in which they can win.

The design of this online slots game makes it very exciting and gives it an appearance that pulls you right in. On the reels you will see such characters as Thor, Loki, Valkyrie, Odin, Raven, and more. Each spin of the reels on this game brings forth the chance for great graphics and the chance to enjoy spectacular special features. This game can be enjoyed for .30 per spin up to as much as 25 per spin. The top jackpot on Thunderstruck II is good for 10000 coins.

Playing Thunderstruck II also brings special features your way that are entertaining and offer you even more chances to see those wins. This game offers you the chance to enjoy such special features as wild, scatters, multipliers, free spins, and bonus games.

When you play Thunderstruck II you will see why it has become a very popular game with so many other players. This game is an easy one to fit into most budgets, but it also offers players a lot of ways they can win. This is one game you don’t want to pass up the chance of playing.


Smooth gameplay and colorful themes await players with 243 Paylines Microgaming slots. Feel free to try and have fun!