Neteller Casinos

netellerWhen playing casino games online, you will want to make sure your financial details are safe and secure. You need to feel confident when you make a deposit on a casino site.

A safe way to make online payments is through Neteller, which is popular among people who play games on the internet. Indeed, many of the transactions performed through Neteller’s payment system are related to online casinos.

Neteller has been providing a fast, simple and secure way to deposit and withdraw money online since 1999 and has grown to become one of the largest independent money-transfer businesses in the world. The company deals with billions of euros in transactions every year.

It’s free and quick to sign up. You just need to register with your email address, which you use to sign in to your account, choose a password, put in the currency you want to use to make your transactions, and add your name, address, gender, and date of birth.

There are many currencies to choose from, including pounds, euros and dollars, but it cannot be changed, so think carefully about how and where you will be making most of your transactions.

The Net+ pre-paid card is accepted by many of the regulated betting sites, so you can transfer funds easily and securely to your favourite online casinos.

You can put money into your account through bank transactions, credit or debit cards or other online payment systems. You also have a choice of how to withdraw your money, such as through its pre-paid debit cards. Note that there are fees involved with making deposits, so you’ll need to make it worthwhile. Putting money into your account with a card is instant, but bank wire transfers can take up to ten days to appear. This can be annoying if you want to start playing immediately.

Taking money out of your online casino account is easy and quick, as you simply pick Neteller as your withdrawal method and put in the amount you want to take out of the online casino account.

It’s safe to use because when you deposit money into your online casino account, they have your Neteller details and not any information about your bank account or credit card. This means you are less vulnerable to fraud or identity theft.

The fees are a bit of a drawback, as there are different charges for using the Net+ pre-paid card with some transactions. There are some administration fees and charges for using ATMs.

You can be sure your money is safe because it is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK, which is where you can make any complaints should the need arise. The FCA has also authorised the company to issue electronic money under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011.

It is available in more than 200 countries, including Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Gibraltar, the USA, Ireland, the Isle of Man, Jersey and most European countries.

There are restricted services in Hong Kong, Israel, Turkey, Singapore and Macau. In these countries you can hold a Neteller account but you cannot perform transactions with any gambling or casino sites. If you are in Canada, you cannot make transfers to any Neteller merchants.

Also, if you are travelling to any of these restricted companies, you will not be able to use your Neteller account to perform transactions with any gambling or casino site.

There are also a few countries where you are unable to hold a Neteller account, so it is best to check if you are travelling to a country outside of the USA, Australasia or Europe, for example.

However, in those countries where online casino websites are a popular pastime, you will find Neteller is available, so these restrictions shouldn’t affect you.

Millions of people have Neteller accounts, which also adds to its credibility. The company has strict security measures and anti-money-laundering procedures to protect people from identity theft and fraud as much as it possibly can.

All in all, Neteller is a safe and secure way to use money to play online casino games, but you need to make sure you play often enough to make it worthwhile because of the fees involved.