The Purpose of the New Online Casino Site

Slot Machines and Online Casino SitesThe purpose of this website is to help you learn about the new online casinos that have appeared recently. We have reviewed many of them and have written thorough articles to explain everything you need to know should you choose to use one of these sites.

New Casino Comes with a New Bonus

You probably know already how beneficial a bonus can be for your bottom line, so there is really no point in playing somewhere where you don’t get a good bonus for your buck. Since first deposit bonuses are the most lucrative of them all but can only be received once, this naturally leaves us looking for unused skins where we are still entitled to a first deposit bonus. As a result, many of us switch to a fresh skin right after finishing with the bonus at the current operator.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Often times we just get bored of the all too well known games and looks of our regular provider, and so we look for something new. A fresh brand can give us just that with all the initial excitement back, even if it uses the same software as the previous one. A little facelift here and there can just cut it for many people before the whole thing gets dull again.

Better Service

Another motivation of parting ways with a casino and searching for another one is dissatisfaction with the service. Problems with support or withdrawals are the most common issues here, and the most self-explanatory solution is to start with a clean sheet at a different operator.

Advantages of New Casino Sites

So these are the motives for looking for a fresh provider, but let’s see how these newcomers compare to the more established brands. In a situation where only 20 percent of the online casinos control some 80 percent of the market, the most recent brands are eagerly trying to differentiate themselves where they can. And that is unique promotions, user friendliness, milieu, and customer support.

Bonuses & Promotions

One would think big brands easily outrank newbies when it comes to bonuses offered. This, however, couldn’t be farther from the truth since in most cases big companies offer the least competitive benefits. The reason for this is they are huge, profit-oriented firms that have to keep in mind their shareholders and so cut down on costs wherever they can. Also, they spend an awful lot of money on advertising, and that will always be charged to the customer – that is, you, dear fellow player.

On the other hand, newly launched operators look for new players to get their business rolling. And that can’t be achieved with peanuts. They’ll offer you attractive introductory bonuses to get you on board, even at the cost of having to write off their initial profits.

But watch out not to be deceived by big brands’ marketing. They often offer large bonuses, but when you take a close look at it, it turns out the requirements for cashing out are far more disadvantageous than the promos offered by the newcomers. You’ll always want to check the fine print in the t&c when you see an especially appealing bonus.

The latest online casinos sometimes come up with launch promotions that are exceptionally good offers. If you are fast enough to catch such an offer, you can easily gain a nice edge just for being in the right place at the right time. No deposit bonuses are one of the incentives they use to lure in new players. Basically, this is free cash you can use to play with and keep the winnings afterwards. Some restrictions apply, however, because in most cases there is an upper limit you can cash out from this offer, and if you happen to win, you’ll probably need to make a real money deposit before being able to withdraw your winnings. Some no deposit bonuses are also restricted to certain game types or slot titles only. In this latter case, they are often referred to as free spins, of which we have a decent collection here.

Then there is the deposit bonus, which almost all skins offer, and new casino sites are no exception. A deposit bonus matches a percentage of the deposit you make; for example, a 100% deposit bonus gives you the full amount you deposited as extra funds to play with.

Feel free to shop around the brands listed above for the bonus that fits your preferences. You can also learn more on bonuses here.

Design and Feel

This may also come as a surprise to you, but any new casino site tends to beat the big names here as well. Sure they have fewer resources to hire designers and graphic artists, but they nevertheless put out fresh, original, and entertaining themes again and again. Look at Royal Panda, Thrills, or Casino Hero in our list to name but a few great projects. After all, this is where creativity comes in, I guess.

As we discussed earlier, a pleasant site and lobby add a lot to your overall experience. On the other hand, the absolute lack of design may also serve as a warning sign. If a recent brand looks fishy and has broken links, 404 errors, and stuff like that, then that’s a clear indication of something going wrong. Remember, if something looks fishy, it usually is fishy. And trust me, when it comes to your money, you don’t want to deal with a branch that is fishy at best. Luckily for you, no such lame casino made it onto our list or into our reviews.

Better Support

Online Casino BonusesBetter support is one of the areas where the latest operators can truly excel since this really requires nothing other than the will to do it right. And they do have that will, because word of mouth is the best marketing they can get. Look for Chance Hill in the list if you want to see what a decent customer service looks like. They genuinely take good care of their players and provide friendly and competent customer support that can quickly and effectively deal with any issues that might pop up.

It’s too bad big providers often outsource their support to third world countries, once again for optimizing their costs. To say the least, this does not optimize the quality of the support.

A phone contact to support is not evidence of excellence these days, since all issues can be addressed via live chat or email. Facebook or Twitter accounts are also not a must have, since small new companies, which otherwise provide a great service, may not have the capacity to operate those just yet. Nevertheless, they are ideally available 24/7 and in your native language through live chat.

Personal Preference

There are some signs that should be considered with any recently started casinos, and these can determine which brand you pick.


The software provider can be a decisive factor in selecting a skin. If you like what you got from your previous operator in terms of software, then why change? Stick with the software and switch only the skin while reaping all the benefits of playing at an alternative 2016 brand. If you disliked it, however, or just want to try out another software or games, it’s better to consciously choose an operator running on a different software. Many new casinos offer more than just one software, so this point may not apply in most cases. You can easily filter for software in’s filter tool above, including Playtech, Microgaming, Nextgen, Betsoft and many more.

Terms & Conditions

Things like restricted countries or wagering requirements, all hidden in the terms and conditions, can very much influence your decision on which provider to go with. You can avoid reading through the boring terms if you use our Casino Filter Tool since it filters out all the providers that are unsuitable for you.

What to Watch Out For?

On the flip side, we also have some thoughts to digest.

Licensing and Safety

The most important of these is whether that recently launched casino is trustworthy. Needless to say, there’s no use in having a great time somewhere if they don’t have the means or intent to cash you out once you win.

Since they are new, we can’t really tell in advance whether they are legitimate and trustworthy. That was until regulators stepped in and imposed changes in legislation. While there is still no absolute guarantee, the closest you can get to safety is by going with a licensed casino. A full gambling license provides you safety on more levels:

A Registered Company

A gambling license guarantees that the company actually has the liquidity to finance its operations, even if players win big. You can always check online where the firm is registered. Generally speaking a UK firm is always more preferable than one from some tax haven Banana Republic where God only knows what, if any, auditing procedures take place. But this alone does not mean a company is trying to cover up some shady operations, because most recently launched operators can only make their business viable by minimizing tax payments. If you are suspicious, you can always check the public databases of the given country for company information.

Fair Games

A company has to have a license from a regulatory authority to provide online gambling, and licenses are only awarded after the company’s gambling systems have been audited by an independent third party. Audits cover the system’s reliability and the games’ payout percentage. More than that, casinos have to publish this information on a monthly basis as part of their license agreements. Again, not all licenses are equal. You can be sure that the gambling legislation and player protection in Europe is more than adequate. Licensing information can usually be found in the “About Us” section. But licenses can also be faked. The UK Gambling Commission offers a tool to check if a company has an actual gambling license there.

Privacy Matters

Registering and depositing to a new online casino means sharing your sensitive data. While giving away your personal data may result in massive spamming to your email or even identity theft, the improper use of your credit card details can lead to suffering serious financial losses. A gambling license also guarantees that the operator takes appropriate measures to protect your personal data by using proper encryption and firewalls.

Banking Options

New online casinos might have one possible setback here, and that is that there are too few banking options available. Make no mistake about it, some of the latest brands offer loads of options, but this is something you just have to check before going forward with registration. The most frequently used are credit cards and Skrill, and you are probably good to go if you see these listed.