Online Casinos Accepting Ukash

Ukash LogoUkash is a voucher-based system of payment used internationally. The e-wallet online pre-payment method was created in the UK and offers a range of features for online gamers and casinos.

Ukash enjoys global popularity, including with users in the EU, South Africa, Australia and the US.

Making Ukash Deposits

Ukash is a pre-paid system of payment. Although this can sometimes seem a complicated way of operating, it is actually very simple. Users with a Ukash account are given a unique 19-digit code. This code can then be used to add credit to any casino account in the same way as a voucher or other type of pre-payment card. Users simply top up their Ukash account whenever necessary. Ukash is the perfect way to avoid debt and over-spending.

Ukash codes can be used in a variety of online stores and games websites. There are currently in the region of 42,000 outlets worldwide through which Ukash deposits can be made. In addition, many third-party payment centres and ATMs also subscribe to the system.

In order to maintain account security, holders should take extra care to ensure they keep their unique code secret – in the same way as they would hide any other password or PIN code.

Using Ukash Online and Worldwide

Although certain regional restrictions apply, Ukash is a highly convenient method of pre-payment which can be used in the majority of countries. It is extremely secure and is a great alternative to using cash and other types of credit or debit card.

Users can save as many Ukash codes as they wish. Each deposit can be used towards a larger credit or split into smaller amounts to be used separately (each with its own unique code). It is also possible to convert deposits into other currencies for use abroad where necessary.

Withdrawal from the Ukash Account

Although primarily used as a system for online payments, it is also possible to use the Ukash account to transfer funds to a credit or debit card. There are, in addition, a variety of alternative Ukash products, including MasterCard rePower, Ukash Giftcards and Ukash NEO. Some accounts also allow users to make cash withdrawals using their virtual funds.

Ukash is highly transferable and is compatible with a wide range of other online payment systems.

Registering for a Ukash Account

Registering for a Ukash account is quick and easy to do. Applicants are required to provide their contact details and some additional personal details, which are then used to verify personal identification. The online form takes less than five minutes and can be completed in a choice of languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Italian, Greek, German, French, Dutch, Czech and Russian.

Online Casinos and Ukash

An additional benefit to using the Ukash payment system is that many online casinos offer a generous bonus to those players utilising the Ukash pre-payment system. Transactions carried out using Ukash can be subject to extra credit bonuses – sometimes as much as 10%.

Casinos using the Ukash system display the Ukase symbol and include:

32Red Casino, Betway Casino, Nedplay Casino, All Slots Casino, Spin Palace casino, Cabaret Club Casino and Gaming Club Casino.

For further information about the Ukash pre-payment system, simply search online. Look for the Ukash symbol.