Casino Review casino is one of the most unique online casinos we’ve come across. We first heard of it when someone emailed us to say that there’s a casino out there that gives its profits to charity.

Casinos that aren’t out to squeeze every last cent out of you? Yeah right.

We decided to check it out for ourselves, playing across a range of games, including the live casino and bingo rooms. Keep reading for our fill verdict, where we decide whether it’s worth spending your money (charity or no).

New Player Offers

This is where we felt really let down by It turns out that bonuses are only country-specific and the UK isn’t included. This was a major blow and really didn’t set the tone for a positive experience.

If you’re Spanish, you’re in luck. You get a matched bet up to 20 Euros and you can withdraw your winnings without some ridiculous wagering requirement. It’s a solid offer, it’s just a shame it’s not applicable to UK residents.

On-going Player Offers

There are on-going offers, however. Every once in a while you’ll get an email offering you a free matched bet or some spins. Every holiday also has some sort of offer running; for example, Christmas 2013 saw an advent calendar full of daily goodies. You even get some free spins!

The on-going offers did make up for the fact that there are no sign-up bonuses for new UK players. In the end, it’s all about how the casino performs over the long-term and does deliver in this regard.

Casino Slots

In terms of choice, you can’t go far wrong with Paf. There’s plenty on offer and we’ll guarantee you won’t get bored. These are of the ones we checked out:

  • Mega Fortune: We got a couple of decent wins with this one, despite it being a Jackpot slot.
  • StarBurst: One of our current favourites, StarBurst is a fun game that will keep you going for quite a while. Good graphics and audio, very nice indeed.
  • King Vegas: Clearly based on Elvis, this game is cheeky and fun.

We really did like the casino slots at The site design is clean and minimalistic, meaning it’s all about the games. Paf has a solid software engine behind its gameplay, so all of the games are speedy, fair and offer good pay-outs. No complaints here.


Our testers aren’t the biggest Bingo fans in the world, but actually makes the place quite fun. There are plenty of rooms available, all with different games and limits. You can literally sit there for an entire day and come out with minimal losses (or a tidy profit if luck’s on your side).

Bingo at casino is a great option if you enjoy the game and want to extend play for hours. It’s fun, easy and the graphics are second to none. If you’re a fan of the game, you can’t get much better than what’s offered here.

Live Casino

We absolutely love the live casino offered by, that’s for sure. It’s unique in that you can tell they operate the place specifically for, which really sets the place apart from other online establishments.

They even have a section where you can ‘meet’ the dealers and find out a little bit more about them. They have a cool video that takes you behind the scenes, showing you a little bit of what goes on in making a live casino work.

What’s nice is that you really do feel like you’re playing with a group of friends you’ve known for a while. It sounds cheesy – in fact, it is cheesy – but it’s fun to come across the same guys and gals when you put a bet on. It just makes it a tad more personal, which is always nice.

Proceeds to Charity

We’re sure you’ve never come across a casino that’s entire model is built around giving the profits to charity. But yes, even in the gambling world, there are companies that are concerned with the wider issues.

This fact makes this casino one of or favourites, that’s for sure. Of course, we’re still going to judge the company fairly based on its gaming experience and offers, but it’s nevertheless nice to see. It definitely softens the blow of losing, knowing that your money is going to go to a good cause rather than a fat cat’s wallet!

Customer Service

The company offers solid support, but it does fall short in availability. They don’t have the worldwide staff on the books to offer a 24/7 support system, though all emails are answered within a day. If your query is a little bit more urgent, you can call the company between 08:00 and 23:00 GMT.

Having the company unavailable between those hours isn’t really a big deal, but we were a little disappointed to see that Paf doesn’t offer chat support. We prefer doing that over having to speak to someone personally (call us shy, if you will) and waiting around for emails isn’t always fun.

Nevertheless, you’re never kept waiting for too long and the staff speak excellent English and are always ready to help. It’s clear that everyone has been well-trained and knows the games inside and out, which sets it apart from other casinos that simply outsource all of their customer service work.

Final Verdict: Sign Up!

It’s not the best when it comes to offers and online support, yet we’re still going to say that it’s well worth joining. It’s a nice little casino that can be trusted, has an excellent range of games and you still get bonuses that will lead to some decent profits.

They don’t offer the ridiculous sign-up perks that some other places have (in fact, UK customers don’t even get a bonus!), but that doesn’t always tell the entire story anyway. Besides, if you lose, you’re directly helping a good cause. We just get a nice fuzzy feeling knowing that!