PayPal Casinos

PayPal is a popular method for depositing cash into online casino accounts. Use of PayPal is popular with both the casinos and the players, although it can’t be found as an option at every online casino.

PayPal is a US-based company, but it can be accessed and used practically anywhere in the world. Read on to discover why using PayPal to make online casino deposits is generally a great option.


One of PayPal’s most popular features is that cash is transferred instantly. There’s no need to wait around whilst funds are moved from your PayPal account to your casino account. It’s ideal for players who don’t always know when they are going to fancy a game and want to be able to play when the mood arises.


One of the main benefits of PayPal is its sheer convenience. There’s no need to find your debit or credit card and input all those numbers. You simply need to log into your PayPal account.


As the world’s leading online payment-transfer company, PayPal offers an unrivalled level of security. PayPal’s encryption software keeps all your data safe. You also receive an email notification every time you make a withdrawal or deposit or pay for something. This means you’ll know instantly if someone has logged into your account.

A Sign of Quality

Choosing a PayPal casinos depending on whether or not it allows you to make cash deposits with PayPal is actually rather a good guide to the quality of the casino. PayPal have distanced themselves from less reputable casinos and only allow their services to be used by the most trusted and reputable online casinos around. This means you can choose whether or not to use a casino based on this fact, whether you choose to use PayPal to make deposits or not.


An added security feature is the anonymity of PayPal. Players are not required to hand over address and account information, which could leave them vulnerable should a site be hacked.


When someone makes a PayPal transfer, it comes from their PayPal account and from their bank account only when there are not sufficient funds. It is, however, possible to set up your PayPal account in a way that it can only use funds when you have them in the PayPal account. This can be a really simple and sensible way to budget how much you spend at PayPal casinos. For example, you could put £100 a month into your PayPal account and when that’s gone, it’s gone.

Free to Use

Whilst those with commercial interests (companies) have to pay a fee to use PayPal services, transferring money from your PayPal account to a casino account won’t cost you anything at all. That means you are receiving a high level of security and all of the other huge benefits of PayPal at absolutely no cost to yourself.

Disadvantages of PayPal

You’ll find that the disadvantages of using PayPal to deposit cash into online casino accounts are very few. In fact, there are merely three small disadvantages. The first is that you must set up a PayPal account to begin with, but this process takes less the 15 minutes of your time. The second is that, as we mentioned earlier, it’s not available at every online casino. The third is that players in some countries will find that use of PayPal is restricted. However, players based in Australia, the UK, Ireland, the US and Canada will have no problems.

PayPal is an ideal option for online casino deposits: it’s fast, it’s secure, it’s convenient, it’s only available at the best casinos and, best of all, it’s free to use.