Skrill Deposit

Skrill CasinosOnline casinos offer an exciting and convenient way to gamble on a range of games from the comfort of your own home or when you’re on the go. They provide a variety of ways to fund your online account, making it quick and easy to send money and withdraw your winnings. Skrill is one of the online payment systems that many online casinos use. It is extremely convenient and enables you to transfer money quickly and securely from almost anywhere.

What Is Skrill?

Skrill used to be known as Moneybookers, and it is an online method of payment that is used by many consumers and businesses across the globe. It is an e-wallet system that enables transactions and payments to be carried out over the internet. The head office of Skrill is in London, and the brand is a wholly owned part of Gatacombe Park Ventures Ltd. They have been in existence for over 14 years and now have around 17.2 million registered accounts across the world.

All you need to set up a Skrill account is a valid email address, and it is a free process. The popularity of Skrill is due to the real-time transactions, which means there’s no waiting around for the money to appear in your account. With just a few clicks, you can securely transfer money into your online betting account. With a Skrill account you can hold, send and receive funds in 41 different currencies, and the system works throughout the world.

Having the ability to make instant and secure payments is part of the fast-paced world that we now live in. Skrill enables consumers and businesses to carry out these transactions directly from their bank account, debit card or credit card, as well as collect money and carry out online transactions.

Make Instant Payments

Anyone who has an email address can receive money via Skrill, even if they don’t actually have an account themselves. Transactions can be completed instantly, and there is a record of your payment history available for you to view at any point. This is a great method of payment for online casino customers, and it means you can start playing straight away.

Low Fees

Skrill want their system to be available to everyone, so they keep the fees they charge low in order to make it an attractive method. Customers are able to send money for a fee of just 1% (up to €0.50), and those receiving money do so for free. The system also offers a number of upload options with attractive fees.

Global System

Skrill can be used as a method of payment throughout the world. It works with local payment options in many countries, including the USA, UK, Australia, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Poland, Singapore, South Africa and Spain.

Ease of Use

Registering for a Skrill account is quick and simple. You can create a Skrill account in a matter of minutes by visiting Once you have registered with an email address and set up a password, you can begin making payments. The person receiving the money doesn’t even have to have a Skrill account.

If you want to, you can have your debit and credit cards registered with Skrill, so you can use the system to buy items at more than 80,000 online stores, including big names like eBay, Thomas Cook and Skype. This makes it a quick, easy and secure way to pay without the need to keep entering your bank account details.

The Skrill site is available in 12 languages, with more than 30 local currencies available. Your account has an easy-to-read history of all your transactions, so you can see exactly who you have sent money to or received it from. The site has a 24-hour customer service function through the online messaging centre, which provides an efficient response to customer queries and concerns.

Easy to Add Funds

You can add money to your Skrill account using a number of methods. The most popular option is through a debit or credit card, which is processed instantly for a fee of 1.9%. To gain access to this method of funding, you’ll have to verify your card details.

Adding money through a wire transfer is free but takes from two to five days to appear in your account. You will need to provide the details of your Skrill account to your bank in order to process the transaction.

There is also a range of local funding methods available in some countries. This includes automatic bank transfers, cheque funding and third-party online methods. There are generally fees attached to these methods, so it’s important to understand the costs beforehand.

Withdrawing Funds

If you want to take money out of your Skrill account, this can be done through a wire transfer or postal cheque across the world. In some countries, users may also be able to withdraw money through an automatic transfer or courier cheque or on to their credit card. There are different fees and processing times attached to each method, so you need to work out which is the best option for you.

Limits to Skrill

There are many different e-wallet systems in operation, but Skrill is one of the easiest to use. There will be initial limits for new accounts, but it only takes a small effort to raise them. This includes verifying your identity, bank account or credit card to have your limit raised.

Using Skrill at Online Casinos

Skrill offers an ideal payment method for online casino customers. It enables you to quickly add money to your gambling accounts in the knowledge that the funds are safe and secure. There are more than 500 online casinos across the globe that accept Skrill, and these include some of the best and biggest names, with a combined membership of more than 36 million.

With a Skrill account you only have to provide your financial details to them rather than having them registered with a number of different online casinos. This offers a secure method of payment, and there is less risk of hackers being able to gain access to your details. There will probably be a need for you to verify your account before you can begin using it with online casinos to enhance the security.

Skrill Pre-Paid MasterCard

An easy and convenient way to gain access to the funds in your Skrill account is to have it linked to a pre-paid MasterCard. This is available for use in most European countries and can also be used at all virtual and online stores that take MasterCard. There is a quick online registration process, and for qualifying customers a pre-paid card will be sent direct to your address. This comes with an annual fee of €10 and processing fees for ATM withdrawals of €1.80.

With the internet becoming a bigger part of our everyday lives, it’s vital that we have a quick, convenient and reliable way of sending or receiving money online. Skrill offers all its users this service and enables you to transfer money anywhere you like and at any time of the day.