WebMoney Casinos

WebMoneyWebMoney Transfer is a popular online payment system that’s often referred to simply as WebMoney. It is a global system, and having first been established almost 18 years ago, back in 1998, it now boasts more than 30 million users. WebMoney Transfer was originally intended for use by clients in the former Soviet Union and Russia. However, today it is used worldwide.
Nowadays, you can pay with WebMoney in online casinos too.

WebMoney users are able to undertake online transfers securely and in real time. Users are not require to own a credit card or bank account in order to open a WebMoney account. In addition to its online payment system used by hundred of online services and retail sites, WebMoney Transfer also offers a range of additional services, such as financial services, internet trading platforms, merchant services, online billing systems and P2P payment solutions. WebMoney Transfer is one of a number of business solutions owned by WM Transfer Ltd.

Registering for a WebMoney Account

Users are required to sign up to the WebMoney system. This takes just a few minutes. Applicants must provide some personal details, including an email address and phone number. Once an account has been set up, the user is given a 12-digit identification number which is then used to log on to the system and to use the various features available.

Although the system can appear quite complex due to the range of services offered, users can very quickly learn to navigate it.


It is free to sign up for a WebMoney account, and users are not charged to receive WebMoney Units from other account holders. However, there is a small fee for other transactions and to transfer funds to other accounts. This is typically 0.8%, with minimum fee of 0.01 WM (WebMoney Units). A maximum fee also applies.

Withdrawing and Adding Funds

Funds can be added to any WebMoney account using an online bank transfer. It is also possible to add money using offline transfers. Credit and debit cards, vouchers, pre-paid cards and money transfers from alternative electronic currencies can also be used. It is possible to withdraw funds from a WebMoney account. Funds can be sent from the WebMoney account to a credit or debit card or into a bank account via a wire transfer.

The majority of transactions take just a few minutes to complete. A WebMoney account can be managed using a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device.

WebMoney allows users to operate in a range of different currencies, including euros, dollars, Russian roubles, Belarusian roubles and Ukrainian hryvnia. Once set up and loaded with funds, WebMoney is quick and easy to use. Simply select WebMoney (e-wallet) as the preferred payment option when prompted on the payment page.

Advantages of Using WebMoney

There is a range of benefits to using the WebMoney payment system, including:

– Use of the latest encryption and SSL technology ensures payments are safe and secure.
– No personal information can be shared with third parties, as payments using WebMoney are anonymous.
– Deposits to and from the WebMoney account are instant.

Disadvantages of Using WebMoney

As with any payment system, there are some disadvantages to using the WebMoney Transfer system, including:

– Fees.
– Registration requires an email address and telephone number.
– Its perceived complexity.

Further information regarding WebMoney transfers is available online.